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Live at Montrose Street Reach

Live at Montrose Street Reach


Trey Martinez

I began working with a camera with my first flip phone. From there it moved on to fancier gadgets like my Canon 7D. My digital media background began in my teens as I put together video blogs and Youtube videos. I created a variety of skills from videography to audio engineering, which lead me to where I am today.

Thankfully, I have worked with companies like PrimeMyBody and non-profits like The Source for Women. This created a Digital Media Specialist position at Loyals, where I had the opportunity to produce content for several amazing non-profits all over the country. This all lead me to my position on Jeff Wagner's Campaign to Mayor of Pasadena. 

My approach—no matter the medium—is to display the heart of the brand and bring the message to life. Creating engaging content that lasts longer than the typical 24 hour life span on today's social media is a challenge, but it's exactly what makes the process fun!

For me, learning the marketing and branding side of business while working with big businesses is an education like no other. It's a way to learn the foundations of building a brand and business for myself. Creating content others enjoy and capturing moments that are cherished memories, I love it all.