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The Livestyle Media's mission is to develop brands that not only our clients love, but their community loves as well. Business focused with the ability to put marketing back in the control of our clients. Our belief is to not only work with our clients and provide them an end result they want to achieve, but for them to also learn how the process was done. Complete transparency. Here are a few ways to partner with us:

Social Media Houston - Livestyle Media

Social Media Consulting

Here at The Livestyle Media, we not only are willing to create content and distribute it to the medium platforms, but also provide you the "know how" to do so yourself. Through weekly calls and projects we guide you on creating an outstanding in-house media team. (3 Month Minimum)

- One 1-Hour Call per week

- Follow Up Gameplan (Action List)

- Weekly Reviews

- Custom Campaigns

- Unlimited Email Support

Social Media Management - Livestyle Media

Media Management & Distribution

Your In-House Marketing Team! Here we distribute the content to the social media platforms in a way that it speaks the language of those mediums. So, not only having great content, but also DISTRIBUTING it to the best suitable platforms. Reaching the target audience where they look forward to your next post! (3 Month Minimum)

Available options: Facebook Marketing, Blog Writing, YouTube Management and Instagram Marketing

- 4 to 8 posts per week

- Inbound Revenue Marketing

- Acquire new friends/followers

- Community management for selected platforms

- Up to 2 Platforms

Creative Development - Livestyle Media

Creative Development

Your go-to designer, writer, photographer, editor and director for your marketing and branding objectives. Here for you to blow away, not only your customers, but your employees as well with the look and feel of your company. (3 Month Minimum)

Available options: Photography, Videography and Website Development

- Video/Photo Editing

- Writers & Editors for Blogs & Articles

- Graphic Design